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The Gargano: Sea, sun, beaches , forests, caves, hills, lakes…

The result you get along the entire coast of the Gargano is an harmonious succession from places, bays, intersections of colours which are standing out among the branches from the trees.
Among this pretty villages, like Mattinata, perched on the sea or glued on abrupt moutains which are make up the shoulder to the uncontaminated sea from the Gargano.
This coast present in large part an high rock face embellished here and there with small creeks.
Sometimes discrete, other clearly visible also from distance, countless caves appear and constitute an elusive appeal for every visitor.


vista panoramica del porticciolo di mattinata

The Residence Hotel “Il Porto”

Here is born, just past the small town Mattinata and in an corner of unparalleled harmony between land and sea, overlooking the harbor and dipped in the lush green from the Mediterranean, the Residence Hotel Il Porto…


The project nearing completion involves the construction of an residence of nine buildings with different solutions by type and length.

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Engineering Nature

The bioengineering has at its goal the consolidation of the soil through interventions with the mens most respect about the ecosystem where they fit. This objectivity is obtained by grafting of living plants into the ground, or inert materials such as wood, stone or even biodegradable materials like geoje and as biomats. The achievements include the typical containment of slopes through stones obtained on side during excavations, for the construction of typical dry stone walls, or by the construction of piling made of local wood logs. We are talking about palisade alive, when the network of trunks in place is filled with land within which plants are sown using as an venue for the palisade as an forum for their development, mixing the mens work to the soil layers below.


The Residence Hotel Il Porto  will be an touristic structure characterized by an massive use by engineering works. The object is represented the full achievement compatibility  with the surrounding natural enviroment, typical for the Mediterranean,  with plant species like as pine trees, birch, oak, rosemary and so on. All trenches within the residence will be delimited in the ragge pine logs, as well as the edges of the sides which needs a san balcony to the beautiful gulf of Mattinata. The large slope of land will then be terraced with wooden palisades and rivive with local native typicals plants.


In the Virtual Tour section you can see all the views.

In the section works in progress, you can view the photo gallerys produced during the various phases of the development.

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Panoramic Tour


Engineering Nature

hp_ingegneriaThe Residence Hotel Il Porto will be an touristic structure characterized by an massive use by engineering works.

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work in progress

On this page, updated regulary, work-in-progress you can follow the evolution of the Residence Il Porto, the various phases of the development, technical details of the landscape and naturalistic use.

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