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Park of Gargano
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The Gargano is the most diverse mountain imaginable. He has in his heart the Umbra Forest, with beeches and oaks which have an height about 50 meters and an shaft o fan bundle of 5 meters and the age of Methuselah; with pine, maple, yew with an lush, un colour, the idea that the seasons on the time you are enchanted in the evening, with deer, hares and foxes which you runa way from your feets; with each warble, whine, chirping of birds…

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Known more as an holiday resort or, for those who believe, as an place for preaching for Father Pio and as an natural park, the Gargano brings imagination of million of Italians evocative names, the hot sun, white houses and holiday atmosphere, like Peschici, Vieste, the Umbra Forest, the Island Tremiti, among the most picturesque areas of our country. Areas where there is baked in the sun and it depicts one of the most beautiful and clear sea of Italy. This part of Puglia is also one of the richest habitats and biodiversity. The reason goes back to tyhe morphology of the “ spur of Italy” and his story.

When, in the lagoons and land began to emerge the Apennines- and we’re talking hundred of millions of years ago-  the Gargano was not there yet, or rather was only an Island, separate from the mainland. Only later would the Cape Joint the land forming the unmistakable “ spur” , but the origin “island “ of the area still has marked the evolution environmental area, with the green heart, but also with an mosaic of  coastal lakes, a necklake of islands opposite and a deserto f stones behind only in isolated conditions could formed. Its an rich and varied how difficult i sit to find in Italy. The autentic the envoirments puzzle is concentrated in an area so narrow make the mosto f the Island Gargano that’s an upstream, however it reaches only 1,065 feet, with Mount Calvo.


The landscape of the Gargano

The Gargano promontory is an cloaked of coastal forests of pines and oaks and crops of almond, orange and olive trees. The low and sandy  coast in the northern gradually becomes steep with high limestone cliffs which opens the bays with fine sand, very popular during the summer months.

The interiori s mostly covered with the vegetation of the Umbra Forest which wraps the cape beech and pine, constitute  the heart of the Gargano National Park. In this lush vegetation perhaps the richest in the southern Italy , fit the countries especially inside, have retained their original structure, with winding streets and white houses: Vieste, San Menaio, Peschici, Mattinata.


Parco Nazionale del Gargano
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